【About Us】

In the highly tensional city,
We introduce you a cozy place
To enjoy a timeless and peaceful moment.
Eusta Motel is located in the east district in Taichung with easy access to Tungfeng Park, Tungkong Pat, Nantian Temple, Lecheng Temple, shopping area in the east district and Taichung Central, …etc.. Eusta Motel is a white European accommodation dominated building coordinated by reddish tiled roof that present an elegant quality. Neatly planned exterior surrounded by lively green trees makes a graceful and peaceful atmosphere. 
Eusta Motel guarantees you most friendly and considerate services quality when you stay with us.  We offer a motel features recreation and homelike warmth. We have different types to cater to your needs.   As for your privacy, Eusta Motel provides anti-pinhole camera detecting services from time to time to protect your privacy in your sweet trip. 

We sincerely look forward to your visiting.